Smeig ski

If you are too lazy to DM us your worries, check out our most asked questions. We are pretty sure you will love your new clothing pieces anyway.

What is the quality of the hoodie like?
- Its really great. Its light, soft and supercomfy.

What kind of material is the hoodie?
80% Organic, Fairtrade Cotton and 20% Recycled Polyester. Pst, did you also know that it is Swan Certified?

What does Swan Certified and Fairtrade means?
Being Swan Certified means that our product meets tough environmental requirements and tough requirements for chemicals and use of energy and resources.

Fairtrade is all about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for the farmers and workers in the developing world. 

What kind of fit is the hoodie?
- It is normal sized with a slightly modern fit. Keep in mind that cotton products tend to shrink a little bit when washed. 

If you really want to measure yourself, there is a size guide on the product page. 

Do you guys ship worldwide?
Currently we only offer shipping within Scandinavia, but send us a DM and we can agree on a worldwide shipping.

How long is the shipping time?
Usually a few days depending on where you live. We recommend a free personal delivery in Oslo, Lillesand or Stavanger. Check your options in the shipping section when you order. 

Would you guys be up for a collab?

Sounds interesting. Its always fun working with creative and excited people. Lets talk about it!