The Story of Smeig

Way down in the south of Norway there is a place called Sørlandet. A special place where people enjoy the smeig days to the fullest. This way of living is the very essence of all we do. So if you believe what we believe, you are more than welcome to join us on our mission. Enjoy your smeig days.

It started in June 2018 when a simple, yet original brand first started spreading the word about smeiging. It was a small release of 150 t-shirts and long sleeves with a simple and clean design. Just like we the shirts we were looking for in the stores. After 48 hours the first sizes were sold out and about a week later almost every piece was out smeiging around the country! Now we are back with Summer '19, probably the best summer yet. Lets make it count.

Feel free to check out our first collections here