Classic Long Sleeve
Svart smeig langermet tskjorte
Svart smeig long sleeve tskjorte
Smeig label svart

Classic Long Sleeve

Enjoy your smeig days in the classic black long sleeve that started it all. Upgraded 2019 quality. 

With Smeig shirts you are wearing Better Cotton™. Better for the environment, better for the farmers and better for you.  

Smeig no stripe logo print on center chest, S. tag on bottom right back. 170 gr Better Cotton

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Size Chart: length / width in cm: 
XS: 66 / 44
S: 70 / 40
M: 73 / 51
L: 79 / 55
XL: 82 / 56
Cotton products shrink up to 5%.
Do not tumble dry. 
Model is 187 and here smeiging in L.